Axle for Trailers

We have many types of equipment available for the varied usage of trailers.

Dead Axle

The dead axle has the greatest abundance in variation,
and manufacturers have focused on its reliabilty.

Available for ISO10 hole wheels.

For leaf suspension, we use saddles that are durable and made of cast steel.

We have used reinforcement to make it highly durable even on non-paved roads.

It is most suited for dump trailers.

Trunnion Axle

Rolling with the walking beam as the center is possible, and pitching the walking beam back and forth with the center pin as the center is also possible. 

Suitable for various heavyweight transportation trailers,
such as construction machinery.

Depending on the combination, an increase in axle weight becomes possible,
and the maximum weight of 4t with 2 axles 16 wheels is permitted.

Transporter Axle

Axle for ultra weight trailer

This deals with the steering mechanism, multi-axles, and is even used as
a transporting truck for rockets. 14 axles 56 wheels.

Construction arrangement is possible according to needs. We support safe and secure heavyweight transportation.