Engine Parts

These parts drive the engine, which is compatible in terms of function, environment, and economical efficiency.

Parts with high precision that bring out the engine performance are being manufactured.

Engine Gear

This drives each part of the engine. It requires high accuracy and intensity.

Water Pump

This is used for engine cooling. In recent years, it is also used as a fan mount.

Engine Oil Pump

This is used to lubricate the transmission. Displacement pumps with
high efficiency are used.

Flywheel Housing

This connects the engine and the transmission. Lightweight and high rigidity is


This stabilizes the rotation of the engine, and is also called
a “Hazumi Guruma”.

Intake Pipe

This is used to smoothly supply the engine with air. In recent years,
there is a type of intake pipe that converts the fluid passage.

Fan shroud

This adjusts the engine cooling fan which raises the efficiency.

Flywheel PTO

This PTO is loaded on fire engines. Because it is hydraulic,
it connects with the clutch without any shock.