Engine Parts

These parts drive the engine, which is compatible in terms of function, environment, and economical efficiency.

Parts with high precision that bring out the engine performance are being manufactured.

Engine Gears

This gears make each part of the auxiliary equipments and engine drive.
As well as high intensity, high accuracy is required in recent years for improving silence.

Water Pump

A pump that circulates cooling water to keep the engine at an appropriate temperature.

In recent years, it is also used as a fan mount.

Case Thermostat

This attached with a thermostat that switches the flow according to the temperature of the engine coolant.

Flywheel Housing

This connects the engine and the transmission.

High intensity/rigidity and lightweight are required.


High intensity is required because it has the function of converting the reciprocating motion of the engine into smooth rotational motion and transmitting the driving force (to the transmission).

Flywheel PTO

This PTO (Power take off device) is loaded on fire engines.

Because it is hydraulic, it connects with the clutch without any shock.

Fan shroud

It is a component that rectifies the wind generated by the fan and efficiently blows the engine (for engine cooling).