Development Technology


We are trying concurrent engineering using 3D models, and the examination
of the layout and processing also by means of 3D models. 


Strength evaluation in areas that are past the yielding point is also possible
by means of the nonlinear structure examination using the finite element method.


Highly precise fluid analysis is also possible by making the change of flow of the pretrial
shape visible, and by means of the unstructured fuild analysis based on the finite volume

3D Printer

We shorten the production period by making a resin mold model with the 3D-CAD data,
and conduct an evaluation of pretrial actual machines before the trial production
and evaluation of the ease of assembly.

Evaluation Technique

Engine Bench

Evaluation that takes into account heat and vibration is possible by pattern
driving using the actual vehicle.

Water Pump Bench

Evaluating the efficiency and durability by recreating the engine resistance of the actual

Oil Pump Bench

Evaluating the efficiency and durability of the pump
by recreating the engine resistance of the actual vehicle.

Brake Bench

Evaluating the efficiency and durability by making the flywheel roatate at high speed with
the motor and putting the brakes on, using an inertia model friction tester.

Fifth Wheel Coupling Bench

Evaluating the function and durability by applying the impact load
on the fifth wheel coupling when towing the trailer.

Axle Bench

Evaluating the durability by recreating the load when cornering and
the load of the trailer.

Tensile Testing Machine

Primary evaluation of the basic strength of the materials
(tensile strength, yielding point,and stretch),
by using the all-purpose tensile testing machine.

Anechoic Room

All surfaces in this room, including the floor, are made with acoustic absorbent materials.
Because there are no echoing of sounds, we are able to evaluate various noises.