Machinery Technique

Horizontal Machining Center

Flexibility of our production process, using various cutting edge machining centers,
is our speciality.

NC Lathes

We correspond to each customer's needs with our wide range of processing sizes of
φ10~φ800mm. We are also actively working on reducing polish.

NC Grinder

Anticipating the diversification of customer needs,
we have installed combined grinding machines. Regarding gears,
tooth face polishing is available and this contributes to high precision.

Welding Technique

Automatic welding line

Under rigid requirements,Co2 welding, MAG welding, and pulse welding
have been used, and low spatter welding has also recently been installed.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum welding is done by MIG welding and TIG welding,
Manufacturing of beautiful 
beed shaped products is being done
by the installment of the low deformation welding.

Spot Welder

Primarily for the body parts of small vehicles(this material),
but is also used on deckproducts. Corresponding to production quantity,
automatic and hand welding process has diverged to small-volume
production in great variety.

Other Techniques

Continuous carburizing furnace

Propasals for the processing system that correspond to the functions
demanded by carburizing,carbontriding,soft nitriding,
and also high frequency are possible.

Electrodepostion Painting

We primarily paint deck parts using the cation electrodeposition device.
Cars with a body length of 4.6m are also available for painting.

Press Equipment

Processing large-scale press parts with 600t transfer
press to a 600t/400t tandem press.


The press machine, and caulking machine is used in construction
which requires detailed manual work.
We are also available for other construction work.

Molybdenum Spraying Equipment

For parts that need not only heat treatment but super abrasion resistance,
molybdenum spray can be used.

3D measuring Device

Thorough quality control is being done using
a measuring device that can
measure up to a submicron.