Transmission Parts

These parts convert the power of the engine to torque, and transmits the driving shaft to the transmission. To satisfy each function,
we manufacture the products so that they have high rigidity and precision

Power Take Off

Power take-off is a device that transmits power from the engine.
It is used to directly drive the transmission or the engine,
and also to drive the hydraulic 

Transmission Oil Pump

This is used to lubricate the transmission.
Displacement pumps with high efficiency are used.

Speedmeter Gear

This device is used to detect speed,
and must have high precision

Shift Fork

This is used for shift operation by directly moving the rotating gear.
The part that comes in contact with the gear must have high wearability.

Gearshift Cover

This unit has the mechanism to move the shift fork.
It is an important part because it affects the operational feel of the shift select.