Environmental Initiatives

In order to gain the trust of our customers, we have taken environmental initiatives with the future of the environment in mind.

◆ ISO 14001 certification

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Confirmation number

Iruma factory

Tamagawa factory

March 14, 2003


YKA 4005294/J

◆ Environment Practice

Solar power facility

Installation of an environment bulletin board

At Sohshin, we have installed solar power, which is a “sustainable natural energy.”
As “global warming countermeasures,” we endeavor to reduce the load on 
the environment by using clean energy that does not emit CO2.

In order to keep in step with our policy as a company, a department, and as individuals,
we are installing a bulletin board in various places within the factory

Cleaning activity by all employees

Installation of waste separation bins

Active participation, by all employees, in the 2S activity and regular cleaning of
the public roads around the factory.

By installing waste seperation bins in various places, we aim to separate waste into each category, such as bottles, cans, and hazardous objects.
We are also raising awareness of the importance of recycling in order to protect 
limited natural resources.