Drivetrain Parts

These parts convert the power of the engine to power that makes the car(truck) run.
We manufacture parts that transmit power reliably, in any driving scenario.

Hub Drum

This is used for the brake that decelerates the vehicle by pressing the brake lining.
Rigidity is required

Propeller Shaft

It transmits the high speed driving force generated by the engine to the axle.
It also has a function to absorb the vertical movement of the axle.

Intemediate Shaft

It absorbs the change in shaft length due to the vertical movement of the vehicle
while transmitting the driving force while running

Differential Gear

It is a component that transmits the same torque while absorbing the difference in revolution of the left and right tires that occurs when the vehicle turns.

4WD Transfer

It used for 4WD (all wheel drive vehicle). A mechanism which connected to the transmission to distribute the engine output to the front and rear wheels

Camshaft Air Brake

This part of the shaft operates the drum brake.
It also called as a "S Cam" because the moving part is in the shape of S.

Trailing Axle Tube Sub Assy

This part supports the load of the vehicle.
Types without gears that transmit power internally are also called the "Dead Axle".

Axle End Housing

This part of the shaft transmits the load of the vehicle to the tire.
High accuracy and high wear resistance are required because the bearing is attached.