Drivetrain Parts

These parts convert the power of the engine to power that makes the car(truck) run.
We manufacture parts that transmit power reliably, in any driving scenario.

4WD Transfer

This is a mechanism that distributes the driving power of the 4WD
to the front and rear drive. 

Differential Gear

The differential gear is a device that absorbs the difference in revolution of
the outside and inside wheels.

Intemediate Shaft

Absorbs the vibration during running and contributes to
an improvement 
in steering.

Propeller Shaft

Rotation axle that transmits the power of the engine to the wheel.
Our company manufactures propeller shafts for trucks.

Brake Drum

Brake parts for trucks.
There are 2 types of brakes, the “drum type” and ”disk type.”
At Sohshin, we produce the “drum type” brakes.