Procurement Policy

Foundmental Policy

Our company endeavors to build and  develop 
relationships with our suppliers, with a foundation
of mutual trust, and create a win-win situation as
equal partners.

We offer opportunities of fair transactions for
suppliers that excel in areas such as quality, 
due date, price reliability,and technical 
development, regardless of
corporate scale and 
past transaction results.  

Regarding procurement activity,
we treat confidential information
with great caution. Also, 
we keep relevant regulations and take
conservation/nature preservation
into consideration.

Selection Method

With regards to selection, we prioritize suppliers who satisfy the terms as follows:

  • Adhere to regulations and take environmental consideration seriously.
  • Have sound business conditions.
  • Enforce appropriate information protection.
  • Quality and price of materials supplied meet the appropriate levels.
  • Specified due date met.
  • Have stable serviceability and be flexible in responding to fluctuation of supply and demand.
  • Have excellent technical skills that can contribute to products.

Procurement Items

  • As-cast engine parts (castingaluminum die-casting products)processing

  • As-cast drive train parts (forging parts)processing

  • Processing of engine parts (machine worksheet metal work)

  • Processing of loading parts (pressweldpaint)